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Living up to the strand of our ethos which pushes us to ‘Think Big’, 3 piers boasts a generous range of no less than 12 core beers, 4 specialty Isle of Mann boat beers and a reliable stream of fresh, experimental brew ideas.


Driven by a simple love of creating taste, a buzz off the brewing process and a passion for providing perfect pints, 3 piers’ beers should be on every beer lover’s drinking agenda.


Proud of our plethora of Amber, Brown, Dark, Golden, Imperial and Pale ales on offer within our 12 staple beers; in addition to 4 special-run Isle of Mann boat beers; Lady of Mann, Mona’s Isle, King Orry, and Manxman.

3 Piers Brewery

The 3 piers brewery opened its doors in mid-2017, and is the latest addition to a growing brew-scene in the North-West. Whilst young in establishment, this Blackpool brewer is an old hand in the craft of beer. Now; bringing his novel ideas, a diversity of ales and customer-centric creativity to an industrial unit in Poulton-le-Fylde, founder Mike has acquired a space big enough to accommodate his ambitions. Seaside influenced, and inspired by the UK’s finest brewers, 3 piers’ brewery have already showcased at Fleetwood’s 36th CAMRA beer festival 2018, and been celebrated by The Gazette for the commemorative brew; ‘Gentleman Jim’, created as a tribute to footballer Jimmy Arnfield. It’s this originality and brewmanship that is already creating ripples among hop-heads and avid ale drinkers, with demand for casks trickling as far down afield as North Wales, Cornwall, Norfolk and the South East.

The Brewery

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What People Say

  • 3Piers Citra. In top condition in Number 15 in St Anne's. Very bitter, smooth in the mouth and a good aftertaste. 5 Stars.

    Paul O'Shea
  • Mellow flavours with a slight bitter aftertaste.

    Tom P
  • 5% Punchy passionfruit hop with kiwi fruit zesty quencher.